What People Say

“Yesterday I picked the new ZOOM up. It is as always just fantastic! The photos are superb, just breathtaking, and the stories and articles are as always very interesting. From the journey to India by Mark, the articles about arts and crafts here on the coast, to the adventures and travel pictures by people with ZOOM in their hands from all over the world. Love your new addition Miguel… on every page there is yet another wonderful surprise…

I wanted to take the opportunity and thank you for the beautiful spread about us in ZOOM. I so appreciate it.” – Josefa F.B.

“I am relatively new to the Sunshine Coast and your magazine never fails to amaze and delight me. Besides the professional beauty of the publication it has that wonderful human connection to the pieces such as the touching story of Diego and events celebrating our communities. I am a fiber artist and was very pleased with the article that you did for the show at the Fibre Works Gallery recently called Under My Feet. Yes, we are very fortunate to have a publication of your calibre right here on the Sunshine Coast. Thank you!” – Constance C.

“We just picked up the latest ZOOM at The Bakery in Sechelt, and it’s one of the best issues we’ve seen. What I love: it’s free and readily available; the ads that make ZOOM free keep up the tone and quality of the photos in the articles. Thank you for producing an outstanding Coast magazine!” – Joan W.

“I love your publication, and send it to family who used to live on the Sunshine Coast.” – Marion

“I have been meaning to tell you how much I have enjoyed your publication the last few years. The images are always stunning – this issue no exception. Even most of the ads have artistic merit. Hope you will continue showcasing coast artists and activities for many more years! Thanks for bringing such pleasure to so many.” – Beverley S.

“Your magazine is a work of art and we appreciate all the hard and fine work that goes into it. ” –  Ron and Carol in Halfmoon Bay

“You have such a beautiful magazine! I always make sure to get a copy and think the photography is exquisite. I also read the ads and try to support your advertisers.” – Phyllis A.

“Thank you for sharing the beautiful Sunshine Coast with the world through your awesome publication!” – Megan M.

“I came across your magazine while traveling the Sunshine Coast and was delighted to discover it. The colors and picture choices were inspiring.” – Braden B.

“What a beauty of a magazine – the quality is stellar.” – Rose M.

“I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude and commendation on your “ZOOM” presentation for the PH Women’s Connection.

I am a relatively new coaster and when I picked up my first copy of ZOOM in 2010 I remember how delighted I was by its content. Seeing the beauty and possibilities of what the coast might offer me in pictures strengthened my resolve that I had made a good decision moving here.

Your presentation today reflected to me a picture of deep passion and commitment to your values. Now that I have met the man behind this work it will mean even more. I look forward to the next issue of ZOOM. I am inspired.” – Helga G.

“Discovered your magazine when we visited Sechelt this past week. Just love it! The photos are fabulous and I love the way you have presented them. The bright, intense colours seem to meld together to make a vibrant presence. Please tell the advertisers that we used the ads to find places, goods etc. that we were interested in. – Sally S.

Your magazine is a gem!  It is fresh, current and very representative of the coast. What incredible photos and creativity contained between its pages!” – Sally R.

“I’ve done professional magazine layout for many years. I was really impressed with what I saw in ZOOM. How exciting to have a publication like this on the Coast. Bravo!” – Patty M.

“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the first issue of your magazine. Really, the essence of the Sunshine Coast can be captured best in pictures!” – Kathy A.

“Love your new publication, all about people and community events and no politics and opinions, a refreshing change. Especially like Diego’s Den!” – Eric and Freda

“Have been spreading the word about ZOOM, and feedback has been very positive!” – Chris K.

“Very impressive. Great images! I wish you success with this venture” – Rosemary C.

“Latest issue of ZOOM looks AWESOME – way to go! What a ray of light you are!” – Dianne W.

“Congratulations on your second issue! You certainly are a terrific advertiser for the beauties of life on the coast” – Pat C.

“I must say I’m very impressed by your publication – the design, layout etc. are all very professional!” – Louise A.

“First of all let me tell you how thrilled the Habitat Board was over your coverage of our event in the latest Zoom. We will endeavour to support you in any way we can” – Gwen H.

“Your magazine concept is a wonderful idea… I congratulate you on ZOOM!” – Bodhi D.

“I sent a copy to my parents in Ontario and wow, were they ever thrilled. People are telling me they’ve seen it all over the place and always mention what a great paper it is. You should be proud to bring so many smiles to our faces!” – Peggy C.

“ZOOM featured our big stone sculptures in their March/April issue. A lady from Ontario was attracted to the picture of Don Watson’s ‘Broken Wing’ and stopped by to buy the piece. It was one of the quickest sales ever! A lot of our visitors have commented on the high quality of this art magazine!” – Birgit B.

“ZOOM is a great ‘Showcase’ for the Sunshine Coast! Keep them coming!” – June K.

“I stopped amidst my studies to read ZOOM’S first edition front to back. The important thing I want to tell you was when I returned to my studies, I noticed a definite shift had taken place within me. It was a happier, lighter place and a presence of hope had filled my heart. Your gift, of this publication achieved that! Imagine how many people you will touch in the same way it did me!” – Sandra H.

Love your first issue of Zoom. Good luck with your new publication!” – Judi L.

“I found a copy of ZOOM today, after hearing about it for days. Fabulous!  Congratulations! And Thank you!” – Carole R.



Use and Re-use

ZOOM is printed in British Columbia using FSC-certified paper. We know that you like to keep copies of ZOOM, but old issues may also be used by schoolchildren as material for making collages, paper crafts and other art projects!

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