Peggy Collins

colours & pixels

Portraiture is surprisingly versatile. Alter some of the plains of colour, the background, the highlight patterns, and the viewer’s eye starts to see abstraction in place of the concrete. We see this all the time in Nature’s composition: the perfect dappling of sunlight, the satisfying chaos of the forest floor. We’re less used to seeing it in our pets. And yet it is there. Who hasn’t marvelled at the tabby cat’s unique and mesmerizing stripes or the wonderful splattering of liver-coloured spots on a pointer, or really looked into the eyes of an animal and seen unexpected depth?


Peggy Collins delights in these discoveries. Her approach to making them into art is almost painterly, as she layers, colours, and transforms the images. “For these images,” she says, “I start with photographs, then work on them digitally, using various apps and programs, including Topaz and Photoshop. By creating layers in Photoshop, I sometimes let parts of the original photograph come through (such as a cat’s colouring or eyes), but more often than not, a piece is completely changed from the original photograph.” The result is an absolutely unique, satisfying work of colour and pattern.

Her cat images have always been immediate hits, and she is working on a series of dog images now, trying to photograph as many breeds as possible (though she loves mutts too). As with artists of every ilk, Peggy is adjusting to a changing marketplace for her work. “After over two decades of selling my work at markets and fairs, I felt it was time to make the jump to having my work solely online.”
Our local markets will miss Peggy’s presence and fine work, but she encourages her former clients to seek her out online, where viewing and ordering is easy and efficient.

Words| Nancy Pincombe

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